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Research Projects on “Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Nanobiotechnology”


To design and implement concurrent research projects in Nanoscience, Nanotechnology and Nanobiotechnology


6 months


Students pursuing B.Sc./ M.Sc./ MBBS/ BDS/ B. Pharm/ M.Pharm/ M.D./ B.Tech/ B.E./ M.Tech looking for final year thesis/ project 

Project Domains

– Nanoscience & Nanotechnology
– Nanobiotechnology
– Nanomaterial synthesis and applications
– Computational Nanotechnology
– Nanoelectronics

Thrust Areas for Research

– Application of Nanomaterials in microbial biotechnology
– Synthesis and characterization of various Polymer Nanocomposites (PNCs)
– Development of nanoscale tools to treat plant diseases
– Nanosensor development for food industries
– Active and intelligent packaging systems for food commodities
– Green synthesis of nanoparticles for applications in the food and nutrition security


Each participant will be provided with a mini-laboratory. This contains all the necessary materials, glassware and tools required during the workshop. This mini-laboratory would be property of the participant.

Project Advisors/ Co-ordinators

Prof. Rabinder Henry
Prof. Jayant Pawar
Prof. Prasin Vinchurkar
Prof. Amit Patwardhan
Prof. Bhushan Patil
Prof. Yashodhan Mandke
Prof. Sreedhar Patha

Technical Details

For queries regarding nature of the project, duration, academic and other technical details please contact Prof. Jayant Pawar:

Contact Details

Prof. Rabinder Henry – 86008 67813
Prof. Jayant Pawar – 82378 16916
Mr. Prakash V – 70106 89149
Mr. Dinesh Joje – 99237 00296