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Photonics Integrated Circuit Design

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Register nowLight is the source of life on earth. It has been the guiding force for the human species since they evolved on surface of earth. Humans have been trying to harness light energy for improving their living environment for over thousands of years. It’s the ability of the humans to visually see things which has inspired their imagination to create technology by understanding working of things from nature.

In last two centuries with advent of modernity and technological breakthroughs light has become integral part of day to day life. Today, transmission of visual images is common phenomena. Light engulfs every technological aspects of life from medicine, photography, guidance systems, navigation systems, industrial manufacturing etc. Generating light, transmitting light and manipulating light properties for various applications has contributed to development of many technologies like fiber optic communication systems, laser based engineering systems, optics, light based diagnostics & therapeutic systems, sensor systems etc.

Technological limitations posed by electronics based devices in-terms of miniaturization in further reducing dimensional aspects of devices and systems, have led to considering optical integrated circuits in recent decades. Similar to Very Large Scale Integrated Circuits (VLSI) using electron as medium for transmissions of signal, Photon as a signal carrier in integrated circuit using basic optical devices has evolved as Photonics Integrated Circuits (PIC).
PIC based Integrated Circuits have many advantages compared to electronics based circuit design. This is an emerging technology in tandem with electronics. Though there are specific detailed courses to groom professionals in physics, semiconductor technology, microfabrication and Computer Aided Tools for photonic circuit design, there is need for professionals who can design and fabricate such PIC devices.

In this context Pralhad P. Chhabria Research Center has developed a detailed Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Photonics Integrated Circuits to groom professionals specifically for PIC design.


Module Title of the
Module 1 Photonics 4 24
Semiconductor Physics and Devices 4
Wireless Communication Systems 4
Applied Electromagnetics 4
System Design and Integration 4
Microfabrication Technology 4
Module 2 Applied Electromagnetics 4 24
PIC Design 4
High Frequency Engineering 4
ASIC Design 4
Photonics II 4
Thesis 4
Project Thesis Continued 6 6
PG Certificate 54

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