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Intelligent Energy Systems

Register nowThe energy matter duality is basis for the unexplored ever expanding universe. For any living thing to survive it requires energy. The progress of human being from the time of their appearance on earth has been about harnessing energy and using it for their mobility and building technology. From using stone tools to generating fire has been about using different forms of energy for their own survival.

Mechanization & automation of transportation systems and human ability to generate energy using different natural resources like water and sunlight have led to tremendous progress of the human kind in last three centuries. This coupled with discovery of electricity and the technology to generate electricity and harness energy has led to hydropower, thermal power and fossil fuels based power generation.

The rapid progress of electronic industry, automation of livelihood, living standards and modern transportation systems in last 100 years have led to depletion of natural non-renewable resources like fossil fuels. This has necessitated a search for alternative methods to generate energy for human requirement.

Solar, tidal, wind, biomass and nuclear energy have emerged as alternatives. But cost of technology to harvest energy using these forms of natural resources have not changed significantly over the decades. At the same time technological breakthroughs in computing, communication and control are providing cost effective better solutions to minimize the cost of generating, transmitting, storing and monitoring energy usage.

The rapid networking of computing resources using wired and wireless systems offer interesting solutions in addressing the complexities associated with generation, transmission, storage and control of energy.
Pralhad P.Chhabria Research Center is focusing on developing embedded solutions for generation, transmission and storage of energy. And at the same time Materials System group is involved in applied research of materials for better photovoltaic cells and biomaterials for storage of energy.

This necessitates new breed of professionals who can build system, develop programs, and at the same time understand the embedded solutions for energy generation, transmission and distribution of alternative energy technologies. In this context Pralhad P.Chhabria Research Center has developed new Postgraduate Certificate Program in Intelligent Energy Systems.


Module Title of the
Module 1
Embedded System Design 4 24
Sensors and Actuators 4
System Design & Integration 4
Wireless Communication Systems 4
Introduction to Alternative Energy
Signal Processing 4
Module 2 Digital Control Systems &
4 24
Power Electronics 4
Thermodynamics 4
Solar Thermal Engineering 4
Energy system Design 4
Thesis 4
Project Thesis Continued 6 6
PG Certificate 54

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