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Intelligent Agricultural Systems

Register nowAgriculture is the basis of any economy. In Indian context rapid growth in last two decades, desertification of fertile lands for construction for urbanization, population explosions, decreasing water tables and lack of technological support system have led to decline in the actual production of agricultural goods. From a long term perspective this is not sustainable, but technology can provide a more balanced solution.

Making agriculture localized and urbanized can be one of the solutions. Though hydroponics, aeroponics, and aquaponics have seen rapid growth in developed economies, these techniques are yet to find a proper footing in Indian landscape. Apart from these techniques, digitizing agricultural machinery is another front where-in indigenous technology can drastically bring down the cost. The current development and progress happening in embedded systems, IoT, big data analytics and recycling technologies can provide cost effective but technologically better solution to improve and increase the agricultural produce.

This requires different sets of skill sets wherein professionals interested in Digital Agriculture require basic understanding in farming techniques, plant biology strong Embedded System Design and Programming Skills. To suffice such requirement Pralhad P.Chhabria Research Centre has developed new curriculum through Postgraduate Certificate Programme in Intelligent Agricultural Systems to groom professional and graduates to take up modern digital farming as career.


Module Title of the
Module 1
Embedded System Design 4 24
Sensors and Actuators 4
System Design & Integration 4
Wireless Communication Systems 4
Fundamentals of Agricultural
Signal Processing 4
Module 2 Digital Control Systems &
4 24
Farm Equipment Automation 4
Bio-Processing Equipment 4
Food Processing & Storage
Real Time Embedded Systems 4
Thesis 4
Project Thesis Continued 6 6
PG Certificate 54

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