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Embedded Systems Design

Other PG Certificate Programmes in Electronic & Photonics Systems

Register nowEmbedded Systems Design has become the fulcrum for the current technology based life style and at the same time defines the future of humanity. By facilitating development in computing, communicating and controlling technology platforms, it has accelerated the progress of the human species comforts and living standards. Mobile communication platforms, handheld computing platforms, wireless networking, automotive electronics, medical electronics, avionics, consumer electronics and beyond have been re-shaped by three-dimensional growth taking place in high-end technology sector, with increasingly powerful micro-controllers and digital signal processors.

Embedded systems in different sizes from micro-sized pacemakers to large satellite communication systems have propelled the growth of technology to all sections of humanity. Intelligent computing coupled with powerful controllers is to determining the future of automation and robotics. Alternative energy based vehicles, miniaturized satellite systems, drones and Unmanned Aerial Vehicles (UAV), digital agriculture, cost effective security systems and wearable medical devices are some of the technology areas purely defined by quality of Embedded System Design. In this context Pralhad P. Chhabria Research Center has designed a novel Postgraduate Certificate Programme in consider multidisciplinary aspect of embedded systems. This programme is purely hands-on based and would enable professionals to acquire necessary skills in different disciplines to design and development independent Embedded System based solutions to address different technology based requirement of the society.


Module Title of the
Module 1 Embedded System Design 4 24
Sensors and Actuators 4
System Design & Integration 4
Wireless Communication Systems 4
System on Chip 4
Signal Processing 4
Module 2 Digital Control Systems &
4 24
Real Time Embedded Systems 4
Digital Image Processing 4
Big Data analytics 4
Thesis 4
Project Thesis Continued 6 6
PG Certificate 54

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