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It is the Institute’s policy to immediately respond to the best of its ability to assist a student in a medical emergency. Expenses will have to be borne by the students themselves. Following Medical facilities are available:

  1. The Institute has tie-ups through our Medical Officer with major hospitals and doctors in the city for any kind of medical advice or emergency. Individual consultancy to any medical practitioner / hospitalization / treatments without prior approvals of campus doctor would be treated invalid. The Institute will not be liable for consequences thereof.
  2. The Institute maintains first-aid medical kits for emergencies at the security area, reception (academic building), Hostel Administrators and Communication Center.
  3. The in-house doctor of the institute shall be available for consultation at the institute, 5 days a week at specified times. He/she can also further be contacted for emergencies, at his local dispensary with prior appointments.
  4. The institute has a full-time nurse living on campus who is qualified to handle any medical emergency situations until the student can be taken to the nearest hospital


There is a cafeteria on campus that normally serves Indian vegetarian meals.  However, depending on student request, special arrangements can be made.  


Accessing, storing, viewing, transmitting, and/or circulating any pornographic and/or obscene material is strictly forbidden. Students are expected to co-operate in ensuring a virus-free environment in the computer systems. The student is bound by the general terms and conditions of the use of Internet and Intranet.These rules are available with the Systems Administrator and are subject to being modified/amended from time-to- time.Using of mail system for propagating/sending irrelevant subjects/unprofessional mails to staff/faculty/all students will be violating the basic norms of the institute and its facilities. Students failing to abide by this will be liable for action deemed fit by Director.


The Institute’s advisers are available to provide confidential counselling assistance to students. A variety of concerns relating to educational difficulties can be addressed including habits, stress, lack of motivation, or attitudes related to Institute.


The campus is very safe and we have our own security.  All campus residence halls are well secured.