Download Programmes Calendar - 2017  | Applications open for "Certificate Programmes 6 Months( Full-time )"


Research Projects

Research Projects on “Nanoscience, Nanotechnology & Nanobiotechnology” Duration: 6 months Apply

Certificate Programmes

Certificate Programmes Duration:6 months


Workshop on “Internet of Things (IoT) 22nd – 24th November 2017 Apply
Workshop on “Raspberry Pi” 20th – 22nd December 2017 Apply
Workshop on “VHDL Programming” 21st – 23rd December 2017 Apply
Workshop on “Nanobiotechnology” 17th– 19th January 2018 Apply
Workshop on “VHDL Programming” 16th – 18th February 2018 Apply
Workshop on “Nanobiotechnology” 07th – 09th March 2018 Apply
Workshop on “FPGA Based System Design” 21st – 23rd March, 2018 Apply
Workshop on “VHDL Programming” 05th – 07th April 2018 Apply


Seminar on “3D Printing” 17th November 2017 Apply
Seminar on “Applied Sciences” 09th December 2017 Apply
Seminar on “Internet of Things (IoT)” 16th December 2017 Apply
Seminar on “Photonics Integrated Circuit Design” 27th January 2018 Apply
Seminar on “Microwave Engineering” 17th March 2018 Apply
Seminar on "Mechatronics" 14th April 2018 Apply